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The Rise of Stroke in Young Adults – Your Complex Brain Podcasts

Listen to Krembil Brain Institute's newest podcast "The Rise of Stroke in Young Adults," a part of the Your Complex Brain Series.  Dr. Pikula, Vascular Neurologist &  Tim Stewart, Nurse Practitioner at UHN/TWH, and two individuals with lived experience share thoughts about the unique challenges experienced by young adults following stroke.

Stroke prevalence is on the rise in individuals under 50 years of age.  According to Dr. Pikula, stroke is becoming a "lifestyle disease"  in this population.  Associated studies have shown a link between our stressful urban lifestyle and stroke prevalence. The way we live and treat our bodies and brain affects whether we have the disease.

Dr. Pikula talks about the invisible deficits that can affect the resumption of life activities for a young adult recovering from their stroke. She notes that approximately 50% don't return to work, and 25% require work modifications. Up to 80% have various psychosocial complaints such as depression, and anxiety.

You can listen to this session and others at:  Your Complex Brain  or listen on Apple Podcasts under Your Complex Brain (32 min in length)

Dr. Pikula is a vascular Neurologist at UHN/TWH, an Associate Professor of Medicine (Neurology) at the University of Toronto, a Clinician-Investigator at Krembil Brain Institute, Director of Stroke Research at UHN and Co-Director of Women's Neurology Fellowship at U of T. She is the founder and director of the largest Stroke in Young Adults (SiYA) Program in Canada.



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