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…. in Simcoe 

It is exciting to see who is participating in stroke month activities across CESN. Public libraries and hospitals have set up displays sharing FAST and information on the risk factors for stroke. 

Megan Sutherland, CNS; Catherine Vingerhoets, Stroke Specialist & Jenna Weck, Regional Community & LTC Coordinator at Stroke Month Awareness booth at RVH.

Alda Tee, Regional Rehabilitation Coordinator & Jenna Weck, Regional Community and LTC Coordinator.

…. in Muskoka

Staff in the Huntsville Emergency Department  participating in a mock scenario as part of the training and rollout for Telestroke.

“Telestroke is the use of telecommunication technology to link referring and consulting healthcare sites together for real-time two-way assessment and management of stroke patients.” (CSBPR 2017)

…. in HKPR

Staff at PRHC…..


Taking advantage of education opportunities to increase their stroke expertise.

The Canadian Best Practice Recommendations remind us that all professional members of the interdisciplinary stroke team should have specialized training in stroke care and recovery.

…. in Durham

Amy Maebrae-Waller, District Stroke Coordinator & Laura MacIsaac, CNS participating in a health fair.


A great way to share the importance of EARLY RECOGNITION of stroke signs and what to do. 

…. in York

A stroke nursing workshop at Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital demonstrated the importance of ongoing learning to develop & apply  skills in stroke care.

The workshop was a combination of in-person & virtual attendees from ED & ISU’s from across CESN. 

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