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HOPE… is an integral part of everyone’s life. We all hope for something … whether it’s what we want in the future or in the present. Ultimately, we want things to change for the better. The meaning of hope varies from person to person, but when someone experiences a change in health, such as a stroke, our feelings of hope can be severely challenged.

The recovery experiences of others can be powerful, encouraging and a source of hope to those who are navigating their own stroke recovery journey. The following weblinks are shared to provide inspiration, comfort and courage to individuals with stroke, their caregivers, families and friends.

Ken, a musician who had a stroke when he was 47 years old

Kari, who shares her inspiring and emotional story

Denise and Dave, who speak about the importance of calling 911 to activate the appropriate stroke protocols

Chris and Helen, who share their moving story about adaptation and perseverance


Courageous Canadians who are putting stroke behind them. Read more about their stories


"I don't want to give up hope"

Katherine had a stroke while in hospital for COVID-19. Now she’s working to put both behind her. 

Glen Mccarthy

Stroke Recovery Inspired by Passion For Cycling



Hasnain Mawji


“This is how I give back for my second chance at life…”


Heart & Stroke Living With Stroke Series – includes 12  videos focusing on stroke survivor stories and the roles of health professionals supporting patients, families and caregivers following a stroke.  The videos shown below are a sample of what you can view. 

The Power of Sport

‘The Power of Sport’ is a short documentary film created by the caregiver of a stroke survivor. Alicia Tyson and her husband, Paul Bak, were active, healthy people who did everything together from walking to skiing and cycling. Unfortunately, one day, while out with his son Paul suffered from a stroke…and everything changed.

Shared by West Park Healthcare Centre.

Jim’s Story

Jim shares his story of recovery, speaks about the importance of persistence, the role of support groups, and shares advice for individuals with stroke, family and friends.

Tim’s Story

This series of videos covers several topics including the importance of optimism, laughter and staying positive.

Robyn's Story

Robyn lost his sight as a result of 3 strokes. He continues to pursue his passion for photography.

Trapped in a paralyzed body, Rothsay doctor still feels joy

Dr. Shawn Jennings reflects on 24 years of living and working after a brainstem stroke. 

Courage to Come Back Award

“Christy Campbell was in her early thirties, had a rewarding career and a loving partner, but in 2005 the North Vancouver woman had a stroke which wiped out her entire vocabulary” 


To learn more about her story….                           

Post-Stroke Hobbies Exhibition

An on-line exhibition of post stroke hobbies from throughout the world that can provide hope and inspiration for persons with stroke, caregivers and stroke care providers.

An exhibit to showcase participants’ photographs and celebrate their accomplishments. Hope this will be a source of inspiration to others who may be navigating their own recovery journey!

The Ability Boat

Getting people with disabilities fishing again!

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