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The information below will support long-term care homes in their continued effort to ensure residents who have experienced a stroke receive best practice care.

Stroke Care Plans for LTC

Twelve best practice Stroke Care Plans that embed RAI-MDS outcome scales in a SMART goal format and can be individualized 

to meet resident needs.

, Regional Community and LTC Coordinator for additional information.

Stroke Care Posters for LTC

A series of posters focusing on stroke care best practices. These posters were developed for LTC by the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario.

Blood Pressure:
Cognitive Perception:
Post Stroke Depression:
Meaningful Activity:
Stroke Prevention:

BP (Best Practice) Bloggers

Myth busting newsletters that provide evidence-based information on various care issues, including stroke care to the long-term care sector.

Looking for local community resources? Please visit the links below for more information:

Central East Line
Central Health Line
NSM Health Line