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The information below will support long-term care homes in their continued effort to ensure residents who have experienced a stroke receive best practice care.

**NEW Smart Tips for Stroke Care - A healthcare providers guide to caring for a person with stroke

“Smart Tips for Stroke Care” was created through a collaborative partnership between the 11 regional Stroke Networks of Ontario, and incorporated significant input from subject matter experts and end-users from across the province. Smart Tips for Stroke Care (2023) was created by members of the Regional Stroke Networks of Ontario. This guide is intended/created for Personal Support Workers (PSW) working in Long Term Care in Ontario. However, anyone interested in stroke care can benefit from using this resource, including PSWs in the community, family members.

The goal of the Smart Tips resource is to highlight common changes due to stroke and strategies for managing these changes. Each Smart Tips topic may be used individually or as part of a series. The Smart Tips can be downloaded or printed freely as a full document or individually according to staff and organizational needs. This material may be shared without permission from the authors, without changes and with source credited. CLICK HERE 


French version of Smart Tips for Stroke Care booklet

Stroke Care Plans for LTC

Twelve best practice Stroke Care Plans that embed RAI-MDS outcome scales in a SMART goal format and can be individualized 

to meet resident needs.

, Regional Community and LTC Coordinator for additional information.

Stroke Care Posters for LTC

A series of posters focusing on stroke care best practices. These posters were developed for LTC by the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario.

Blood Pressure:
Cognitive Perception:
Post Stroke Depression:
Meaningful Activity:
Stroke Prevention:

BP (Best Practice) Bloggers

Myth busting newsletters that provide evidence-based information on various care issues, including stroke care to the long-term care sector.

Looking for local community resources? Please visit the links below for more information:

Central East Line
Central Health Line
NSM Health Line