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Central East Stroke Network
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Assessment & Screening

Los Angeles Motor Scale (LAMS)

Training for EMS Providers – The Ontario Paramedic Prompt Card for Acute Stroke Protocol now includes the addition of the Los Angeles Motor Scale (LAMS) to assist in identifying a large vessel occlusion (LVO). These changes took effect January 11th, 2021. The Cerebrovascular Accident Standard and Acute Stroke Bypass Protocol were updated in March 2023.

ACT FAST Resources

Emergency Departments within CESN are implementing ACT-FAST as a screening tool for LVO. A toolkit has been developed to support training in ACT-FAST.

For additional resources visit the 4-24hr Toolkit page

Videos and patient pamphlet developed by Unity Health to support education on atrial fibrillation. CLICK HERE to access. 

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Community Exercise Programs for Stroke
Exercise Videos

The recovery experiences of others with stroke can be powerful, encouraging and therapeutic to individuals with stroke, their caregivers, families and friends. The following resources can support stroke care providers to foster a culture of hopeful recovery following stroke.

Power of Hope Videos
Looking for more inspiring stories – visit our INSPIRING HOPE  page 

CESN Blog Post (June 2022) Fostering Hope After Stroke

Warm Clinical Handoffs

CESN Warm Clinical Handover Tip Sheet (June 2022) 

Collaborative Interprofessional Stroke Care in Community Re-engagement (Toronto Stroke Network)
Community and Rehabilitation Services – Search local community and healthcare programs and services:

Looking for local community resources? Please visit the links below for more information:

Central East Line
Central Health Line
NSM Health Line