COVID-19 Stroke Resources

Resources have been developed nationally, provincially and locally to support healthcare professionals in the care of individuals with stroke during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stroke is a medical Emergency as a reminder to call 911 during the pandemic – FAST Poster

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada developed resources to support individuals with heart disease or stroke.  Heart & Stroke Resources on COVID-19

Heart & Stroke Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations (CSBPR) Advisory Council has developed guidelines of implementing evidence-based stroke care during COVID-19. Information can be found under Stroke Best Practices During the COVID Pandemic

Virtual Healthcare (Telestroke) Implementation Toolkit 2020Click Here

CorHealth has created a COVID-19 Resource Centre for Stroke – information can be found under CorHealth General Stroke Resources.  

Aphasia Institute Pictographs – Click here for downloadable templates to facilitate a conversation about COVID-19  the need to Go to the hospital , Go to rehabilitation, and For residential facilities.  Visit the website for more information and additional templates at

Rehabilitative Care Alliance has developed resources to support rehab professionals as they plan and provide care – CLICK HERE for further information

Virtual Care ResourcesStroke Rehabilitation and Community (collected by Ontario Regional Stroke Network’s Rehabilitation Coordinator Group)

Virtual and Online Care Resources Virtual Supports for Survivors and Caregivers (updated Jan 2021)  

Provincial Stroke Rounds – August 5th, 2020  – Stroke and COVID-19: What is the latest and where can I find resources? To view rounds CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for slide deck by Dr. Catanese

COVID-19 Resources slide deck

COVID-19 Resources handout