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Central East Stroke Network


Provincial Stroke Rounds – Advance Care Planning in Stroke

Presenters:  Dr. Kelvin Ng, Gillian Maguire, NP and Leigh Barr, SLP Hosted by Central South Regional Stroke Network Virtual Event: no pre-registration required just click on the link below at the designated time of the event https://hhsc.zoom.us/j/69836618087?pwd=aGN5ZUFwOXEyNEU5cVRyVmhPQkFvQT09

Integrating motor learning strategies into task-oriented rehabilitation after stroke

Facilitator:  Vincent DePaul PT PhD Associate Professor, School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Queen’s University

Vision & Stroke – Webinar

This talk is an introduction to how stroke impacts the visual system and ways healthcare providers can help their patients.   Speaker:  Dr. Chris Schell, Hons BSc, OD, FCOVD Clinic Director at Foveal Vision Training, Barrie

Managing the High Tone Upper Extremity: A Virtual NDT Workshop

Treating the Individual with Ataxia: A Virtual NDT Workshop

Contact Dorothy Burridge, Regional Education Coordinator,  for more information and to register. Facilitator:  Karen Guha, PT, BScPT, C/NDT, CIDN, NDTA Coordinator Instructor burridged@rvh.on.ca

Provincial Stroke Rounds – Evolution of diagnostic criteria for cerebral amyloid angiopathy

Presenter: Dr. Ravinder Singh, Health Sciences North Zoom link at time of rounds:  https://zoom.us/j/95787889207?pwd=MENmeTJLeGtPaWZyYW45RVZaRDRyUT09

Pivoting in the Pandemic: Virtual Rehab for Community-based Exercise for Persons with Stroke

Hosted by Central South Stroke Network Presenters:  Dr. Liz Inness, Dr. Nancy Salbach & Dr. Ada Tang

Provincial Stroke Rounds: Advancing Stroke Prevention in Canada: Highlights from the 2021 CSBPR Update 7th Edition

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