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Central East Stroke Network


Managing the High Tone Upper Extremity: A Virtual NDT Workshop

Treating the Individual with Ataxia: A Virtual NDT Workshop

Contact Dorothy Burridge, Regional Education Coordinator,  for more information and to register. Facilitator:  Karen Guha, PT, BScPT, C/NDT, CIDN, NDTA Coordinator Instructor burridged@rvh.on.ca

Provincial Stroke Rounds – Evolution of diagnostic criteria for cerebral amyloid angiopathy

Presenter: Dr. Ravinder Singh, Health Sciences North Zoom link at time of rounds:  https://zoom.us/j/95787889207?pwd=MENmeTJLeGtPaWZyYW45RVZaRDRyUT09

Pivoting in the Pandemic: Virtual Rehab for Community-based Exercise for Persons with Stroke

Hosted by Central South Stroke Network Presenters:  Dr. Liz Inness, Dr. Nancy Salbach & Dr. Ada Tang

Provincial Stroke Rounds: Advancing Stroke Prevention in Canada: Highlights from the 2021 CSBPR Update 7th Edition

Stroke Rehab in the Younger Adult: Getting back to life after acute care

Join us for a 1-hr webinar. Learn more about what makes rehab for the younger adult stroke survivor different, common challenges faced and tips on how to assist in navigating the complex social system when….. returning to work, finding appropriate community services and/or appropriate housing.

Incorporating reactive balance control assessment and training into stroke rehabilitation

Provincial Stroke Rounds: Health Equity in Stroke Care

Presenter:  Dr. Atif Zafar Hosted by: South East Toronto Stroke Network Zoom link:  https://zoom.us/j/99571333239?pwd=eWhUQnFMTXRISFhvRk95UXpQM0JDdz09