Rehabilitation Intensity

Provincial Definition of Rehabilitation Intensity

As defined by the Ontario Stroke Network Stroke Reference Group (2012), Rehabilitation Intensity is:

The patient time spent in individual rehabilitation therapy that is aimed at achieving therapy goals based on physical, functional, cognitive, perceptual and social means in order to maximize the patients’ recovery.
Time that a patient is engaged in active face-to-face treatment which is monitored or guided by a rehabilitation therapist.

For the purposes of this work, rehabilitation therapists include occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech-language pathologists, and face-to-face treatment assumes a 1:1 staff-to-patient ratio. Rehabilitation Intensity factors in time and effort. Individualized face-to-face treatment reflects effort that provides the patient with the most benefit over time.
Source: Ontario Stroke Network. Rehabilitation Intensity Frequently Asked Questions

Central East Stroke Network Activities

The CESN hosted a Rehabilitation Intensity Forum on March 21, 2017.
Forum Report:
CESN RI Forum Report (2017 03 21)
Forum Presentations:
Part 1 – Introduction & Dr. Bayley
Part 2 – Brag & Steal
Part 3 – Quality Improvement
Additional Tools and Resources:
Exploring Opportunities to Increase Therapy Intensity – Report Back (Knowledge Exchange)
Regional Quality Assurance Framework for Rehabilitation Intensity (Mar 14 2017)
Rehabilitation Intensity Cause and Effect
Driver Diagram – CESN RI forum

Ontario Stroke Network (OSN) Resources

As organizations across the province have been striving to achieve the Quality-Based Procedures recommendations for stroke rehabilitation intensity, the OSN Rehabilitation Intensity Provincial Integrated Working Group developed a toolkit to support the implementation of these recommendations.  The Final Report provides a summary of the group’s accomplishments of deliverables identified in the 2015-2016 work plan.  Limitations and future considerations with respect to this work are also discussed.
Final Report of the OSN Rehabilitation Intensity Provincial Integrated Working Group

The OSN Rehabilitation Intensity Working Group offered three videoconferenced educational opportunities 2014-2016 to support the implementation of stroke best practice. The following link leads to a resource that contains all stroke rehab intensity OTN archived webinar links and handouts from these sessions:
OSN Stroke Rehabilitation Intensity Videoconference Summary 2014-2016

For access to all resources developed by the OSN Rehabilitation Intensity Working Group, please click on the following link
Rehab Intensity Resources on OSN Stroke QBP Resource Centre

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